908 Engineering Incorporated, based out of Red Deer, Alberta, is looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated new engineering graduate or summer co op student. Our primary focus is building electrical and mechanical design including residential, commercial and industrial construction. This involves power, lighting, data, fire alarm, security, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning design on new construction and renovations. We are a small firm consisting of only two professional engineers with diverse backgrounds in construction, farming, industry and oil & gas. The vision for our firm is to be practical, innovative, responsive, economical and nimble while still maintaining a humble attitude. Although the work load and compensation may change frequently, we can offer an almost ideal working environment. You can set your own hours and vacations, including the opportunity to work remotely from home.

The only mandatory requirement of a potential employee is a good attitude. All other skills and training will be provided by us. Any engineering educational background or discipline will be acceptable but mechanical or electrical is preferred. Other skills and experience that would be considered beneficial (but not mandatory) are as follows: AutoCAD drafting, farming experience, construction or renovation experience, fabrication or carpentry, trade skills of any kind, cost estimating and/or any other practical experience or hobbies.

Note that if you are a new graduate, you must be registered with APEGGA as an E.I.T.

Please forward you resume to jobs@908eng.com prior to September 30, 2020