National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB)

Various versions of the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) are in full force throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The NECB has been written in an attempt to reduce the overall energy consumption of buildings. It focuses on five major areas: building envelope, lighting, HVAC, water heating, and electrical power systems.

908 Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce that NECB compliance is now part of our available consulting services. If 908 Engineering Inc. is selected as the engineer of record (EOR) for the mechanical and/or electrical systems, NECB compliance demonstration via the prescriptive and/or trade-off paths will be automatically included at no additional cost. For all current and future projects, we will continue to propose practical and economical NECB compliance options.

We would also like to announce the creation of an Energy Modelling department to fulfill NECB requirements where prescriptive and/or trade-off paths are impractical. Energy modelling has the ability to take full advantage of any construction technique or industry standard without resorting to costly prescriptive and trade-off path requirements to prove compliance. Depending on application, energy modelling can potentially result in substantial construction cost savings while maintaining construction methods similar to that prior to NECB adoption.

We are also able to offer full turn-key NECB compliance consulting for projects where 908 Engineering is not the EOR. We can work closely with the architectural, mechanical and electrical designers and trades to offer realistic compliance solutions. We recommend that discussions regarding NECB compliance occur early during the design phase. Fees for these services are reasonable and competitive.

A few examples of our NECB consulting are:

  • Preliminary building envelope component R-Value recommendations
  • Preliminary equipment sizing and recommendations (including design-build assistance)
  • Lighting prescriptive and trade-off compliance path calculations
  • HVAC prescriptive and trade-off compliance path calculations
  • Service water heating prescriptive and trade-off compliance calculations
  • Electrical power systems prescriptive compliance calculations
  • Engineer-stamped compliance documentation and declarations suitable for permit submission
  • General public education about NECB and related design issues
  • Services available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan

The NECB has the potential to fundamentally change the approach to constructing buildings. We believe that our firm can offer real-world compliance solutions that achieve a balance between economy, quality and energy efficiency. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any future assistance.