About Us

We are Craig Boris, P.Eng. and Keith Mosier P.Eng., senior partners of 908 Engineering Incorporated. We are here to fundamentally change the mechanical and electrical engineering consulting business. Most importantly, we want electrical and mechanical engineering to be accessible to everyone including members of the general public. We want to remove the mystery and dispel common misconceptions that are sometimes associated with our field.

Anyone is capable of comprehending and putting into practice the theories and methods of mechanical and electrical engineering. This is regardless of experience, education, qualification, title and so forth. If you want to learn, we want to teach you everything we know. And... we want to do it free of charge.

Q. What do you mean, "free of charge?"

We literally mean free of charge! Any subject, any question, any theme, we are willing to provide our time and expertise to help you understand. That means you are welcome to call, email or meet us and we will guide and teach you to the best of our abilities... for free.

Q. If you give away your service for free, how do you make money?

Specific projects, primarily building projects, require the involvement of a Professional Engineer as called for in the Alberta Building Code. This involvement usually includes the production of sealed and signed engineered drawings and specifications, review of shop drawings, and various site inspections. For these services we charge standard engineering fees. Beyond projects covered in the Alberta Building Code, whenever we are asked to provide a drawing, report, specification or any other document where we take professional responsibility for the content, we will charge standard engineering fees.

Q. Why do you want to give away your knowledge for free?

It is our belief that a better educated community will inevitably benefit all parties involved, including ourselves. More education and understanding ultimately helps projects be completed with fewer mistakes and misunderstandings. Successful projects lead to more enthusiasm (and funding) for new projects. New projects mean more work for everyone.

Q. Doesn't your professional organization (APEGA) require that you receive fees for your work?

Advice that is provided for free is always given informally and is not intended to substitute for professional engineering involvement. Advice is given as a public service only and is intended to help general understanding of a topic. In all instances where a written opinion, report, drawing, specification or similar is required, standard engineering fees will apply.